Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which amount of  Ultra Plast is needed for each purging of an Injection Molding Machine

The amount of Ultra Plast needed is the capacity of one press barrel. To achieve one barrel capacity, load Ultra Plast into the machine until you see it being ejected from the machine. (For a first time cleaning it might be, that double the amount will be needed to remove all contamination from screw/ barrel.)

2. Does Ultra Plast leave behind any residue

No, Ultra Plast does not leave behind any residue because due to its composition the material does not stick to any kind of metal surface . Ultra Plast is generally considered to be a low-residue purging agent, which makes it suitable for most purging applications. When Ultra Plast enters the machine, it starts foaming and flows easy out from the machine without leaving any residues behind.  

3. Is it possible to purge hot runners with Ultra Plast

In general all Ultra Plast grades are suitable to purge hot runner systems. Ultra Plast works on a chemical reaction and does not contain any components which can clog the hot runners system. Ultra Plast has chemical and physical characteristics which are similar to thermoplastic resins and can be molded in most of the cases. It is especially effective to clean hot runner systems which otherwise are difficult to clean. Specific instructions for purging with open or closed mold will be provided and special grades for extreme difficult hot runner systems are available.

4. Are there any abrasive components in Ultra Plast

No, Ultra Plast works on a 100% chemical reaction and does not contain any abrasive components.

5. For which type of plastic processing machines is Ultra Plast siutable

Ultra Plast is suitable for all type of plastic processing machines for thermoplastic resins, such as injection molding, extrusion, blown film and blow molding and other type of machines.

6.Will Ultra Plast remove carbon build up from the machines?

Yes, Ultra Plast is efficient for removing carbon build up from the screw, hot runners and in general all surface areas in the path of the material flow. When the carbon deposits are excessive inside the machine, we recommend a manual cleaning of screw and barrel before the first time use of  Ultra Plast. Afterwards the material acts in a preventative maintenance fashion and prevents carbon buildup.

7.Are any concentrated grades of Ultra Plast available ?

All grades of Ultra Plast have a corresponding concentrated (Pure) grade which has to be mixed with the recommended carrier material.  

8.What should I do with the Ultra Plast scrap?

In general the scrap generated when purging with Ultra Plast can be handled in a way to be  reused to make parts. Howsoever, dependable on level of carbonized material or other contamination removed from the machine, in certain cases it is not recommendable to bring this material back into a regular production since the machine will be contaminated again. It is recommendable to use this material for the production of heavy wall parts, on machines equipped with filters or to sell it to scrap dealers. 

9.Is Ultra Plast food contact certified?

Yes. Ultra Plast is food contact certified according to the FDA and European food regulation. All ingredients used in Ultra Plast are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as substances added indirectly to human food.

10.How do I know what grade of Ultra Plast is suitable for my application?

The Ultra Plast product line is based on the family of plastic resins with according working temperatures and processing parameters used on different type of machines. Please consult our product line table for better selection of  your Ultra Plast grade according to your specific needs. For any additional questions please feel free to contact us at any time for online support and assistance or our local agents for a personal discussion.

11.Can I mold parts with Ultra Plast ?

All grades of Ultra Plast are moldable and can be safely injected in the mold without causing any damage to the polish or finish of the mold. It is possible with certain applications that by molding Ultra Plast, you will obtain a short shot. This is due to the fact that the Melt Index of Ultra Plast may be slightly different from the resin that you were molding previously. If molding a short shot is a problem please call our technical support. It is possible to customize the Ultra Plast grade that you need based on your application.

12.Do you have any grades designed for thin wall container stack mold applications ?

Ultra Plast …HS is the recommended grade to clean hot runners system in stack mold application with no valve gated hot runners.

13.Does Ultra Plast create any noxious fumes/odors ?

No. In the past chemical purging compounds were known to create strong smoke and bad odors. Ultra Plast’s unique technology allows it to achieve a thorough cleaning, typically associated with chemical purging compounds, without creating any annoying fumes/odors. Ultra Plast can be safely used in clean and white rooms.

14.How long of soak time is needed ?

Ultra Plast is a chemical purging compound and does in general not require soaking times on most of the machines. However, on big injection or extrusion machines a soaking time of 3 to 5 minutes will make the material more efficient during purging.

15. How long does it take to purge a machine using Ultra Plast ?

It is very difficult to tell  in which time Ultra Plast can clean a machine since this depends on the machine type, the mechanical condition, the material type used in previous productions and other criterias. But under regular condition compared to standard purging procedures with regular resin,  Ultra Plast you can reduce the purging time 8 to 10 times.

16. What is the saving of using Ultra Plast vs. regular resin?

According to our studies and the experience of many of our customers; the use of Ultra Plast will help you to reduce the machine downtime in a range between 50 to 80% and a scrap reduction in a range between 40 to 70%.

17. How difficult is the use of Ultra Plast?

Ultra Plast is extremely easy to use. We provide to our customers detailed purging procedures and instructions with a few simple steps to follow, in order to obtain the best purging results.

18. Is Ultra Plast liquid or in pellet form ?

Ultra Plast is specialized in the manufacturing of purging solutions for every application. The standard Ultra Plast grades are a chemical purging compound in pellet form. Dependable on application and machine types, certain purging solutions in liquid form are also available.